Move In

Nokē Smart Entry App

You'll move in with the help of the StorageSmartEntry app. Once your rental is processed, you'll receive a text message with a unit number, an activation code, and a link to download the StorageSmartEntry app. This app enables your smart phone to become your key. Tap the link to download the app then enter your mobile number in the Login field, then the six-digit activation code in the Password field. You will then be prompted to put in a permanent password.

Moving In

  1. There are two entrances. If your unit number begins with L, go to the left entrance. If it begins with R, go to the right entrance.
  2. Pull up your StorageSmartEntry app. Be sure your Bluetooth and Location Services are on. If prompted, simply tap OK twice to grant the app permission to access Bluetooth and Location Services.
  3. When you get to the entry point, click the highlighted icon on the Home to open the sliding doors.

Accessing The Building Multiple Times Using "One Touch"

One the StorageSmartEntry app, tap the One Touch icon, which is the icon on the top left of the app home page that looks like a hand about to touch something. This mode remains active until the StorageSmartEntry app is closed. Entries will unlock multiple times as long as the user moves out of Bluetooth range (approximately 10 feet). This is convenient when moving in as it allows entry without having to click the highlighted icon each time entry is needed.

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